I have for a long time worked in communication, whether written (as editor) or visually (as a graphic). It was therefore natural for me to then turn to photography.

 "A photographer have the chance he deserves"

Bernard Plossu

My current approach combines photographic reportage to capture unique and meaningful moments and the romantic aesthetics of artistic photography.

 "But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sens, who's stopping us from inventing one?"

Lewis Caroll

Doing photography, taking photographs, is an act of creation. This one revolves between customer demand and the skills of the photographer. There are no predefined routes in this area, there are only meetings.

 "If I knew how to take a good picture, I'll do it each time"

Robert Doisneau

If indeed no photographer can claim to be able to systematically produce good photographs, the choice of material used still remains critical. I work with a full format body and very high quality lenses to ensure the best possible image quality.

 "Photographing someone means that we are interested by this person"

Bernard Arcand

I could not resume my approach better than by saying that I photograph people because I find them beautiful and interesting.